About 5Merchants

5Merchants is a New Zealand specialist distributor and seller of PassivHaus components. Partnering with the best industry suppliers, 5Merchants offer the highest quality range of PassivHaus products at competitive prices and are the exclusive distributor of SIGA products in New Zealand.

Based around the 5 key categories of PassivHaus, Air & Weather Tightness, Insulation, Thermal Bridge-Free, Ventilation and Windows this easy to navigate site offers a unique and convenient shopping platform.

A brand of eDL, 5Merchants is part of a new wave of design and construction buying for anyone looking to build the PassivHaus way.

A New Zealand first, this website is the one stop shop for all things PassivHaus.

Each of these principles in their own right has benefits but when used in harmony with each other, bring together the best results for energy efficient, health and comfort spaces

Why PassivHaus?

Internationally recognised PassivHaus principles are setting a new standard in creating healthy, comfortable high performing homes. The current build standards in New Zealand fall well short of this with many new builds expensive to run and experiencing issues with condensation and mould.

The Passive House principle is based on a measured performance standard which is completed at the very start of a design process.  Using PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) software  architects and designers are able to model the performance of the home while it's still on the plans, making changes where needed to ensure the space will meet the agreed international standard.

PHPP modelling is at the very heart of the PassivHaus standard which together with the right components and  construction knowledge brings the plans to life. Creating spaces that have all year round comfort, extremely healthy and exceptional performance in energy efficiency.

It's the combination of 5 key factors that make living the PassivHaus way possible for anyone

  1. Airtightness
  2. Ventilation
  3. Insulation
  4. Joinery
  5. Weather Tightness


  • SIGA
  • Fantech
  • Energate
  • Eco Insultation
  • eps/XPS
  • MAXRaft
  • APL Klima
  • APL Thermal Heart
  • EcoWindows
  • Mylch
  • Velux


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