We want to share updates from Baden and Barry Stewart’s recent journey to Europe. During the trip, Baden embarked on a quest to research building innovations and connect with our key international suppliers. Here are some highlights:

They started their journey with a visit to the SIGA headquarters, where they had the privilege of exploring their factory and experiencing the SIGA academy. Witnessing the testing of remarkable new technologies first-hand provided valuable insights into the world of airtightness products, a crucial component of our offerings.

A major highlight of the trip was attending BAU Munich, the world’s leading trade fair for architects, materials, and building. Baden and Barry delved into each of the 18 halls, which were each larger than a rugby field, and discovered promising insulation solutions while gaining valuable insights into retrofitting existing homes. The event was an incredible showcase of building innovation!

The trip was filled with productive work engagements, and the guys also managed to indulge in some local shopping, visited a 700-year-old winery, and explored a 400-year-old building in Gerolzhofen, Germany under renovation to a high energy efficiency standard.