It’s well known that the majority of homes in New Zealand are cold, damp and inefficient. About 75 per cent of our homes lack adequate insulation, for example, which raises concerns about health and increased energy costs. While the government has updated building codes for new structures, what about existing homes?

Easy fixes, such as retrofitting extra insulation, can often cause further issues such as condensation and mould, especially if it is improperly installed and without consideration for New Zealand’s unique climate conditions.

At 5Merchants we feel every Kiwi deserves to thrive in a comfortable home, and we know exactly what it takes to create one. So that’s why we now offer Home Performance Audits for some clear guidance. A Home Performance Audit gives you useable data, not opinions, on how your home currently performs, and provides expert advice on the best ways to improve it. Importantly, this means homeowners can make informed decisions.

The audit starts with a free 15-minute consultation to fully explain the service and discuss the current situation. Next, information is gathered about the home’s layout and construction materials. If the required data is not readily available, especially for older homes, a site visit may be needed. Then energy modelling software is used to create a digital model of the home, identifying areas for improvement. A choice of packages is available, depending on the level of advice a homeowner would like. A comprehensive report is included, detailing the parts of the home that are underperforming and offering tailored solutions.

No one wants a house that’s damp and chilly in winter or stuffy in summer. But transforming your underperforming house into a comfortable, energy-efficient home is entirely possible. Diagnosing your home’s issues is the crucial first step.

Learn more about the Home Performance Audit here.