It’s well known that the majority of homes in New Zealand are cold, damp and inefficient. About 75 per cent of our homes lack adequate insulation, for example, which raises concerns about health and increased energy costs. While the government has updated building codes for new structures, what about existing homes? Easy fixes, such as retrofitting extra insulation, can often … Read More

Our new Fentrim® White Grommets are robust and highly adhesive, perfect for ensuring secure seals on circular penetrations, especially for pipe or cable joints. Highlights of this product include:

Our Rissan® 430 Grey Corners are a durable single-piece corner accessory that provides airtight and watertight corners for windows and doors. Here are some key features:

At 5Merchants, we have always been driven by a single mission: to bring the highest quality, energy-efficient products to the NZ market, ensuring that all homes can enjoy the warmth, dryness, and comfort they deserve. We take great pride in our existing range of high-performance and passive house components, and our commitment to innovation never wanes. We are thrilled to … Read More

We want to share updates from Baden and Barry Stewart’s recent journey to Europe. During the trip, Baden embarked on a quest to research building innovations and connect with our key international suppliers. Here are some highlights: They started their journey with a visit to the SIGA headquarters, where they had the privilege of exploring their factory and experiencing the … Read More